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Engineering BTEC

Course Title: BTEC Engineering 

Department: Engineering

Course Overview: The idea behind the BTEC qualification is to provide a different approach to learning, which enables a more inclusive educational path for all. BTECs are vocational and work-related course. With a BTEC in Engineering, you will gain valuable hands-on experience which can take you straight into a career in of industry. 

Duration of qualification:  2 years 

Course Entry Requirements: Grade 5 Maths and English.

 Timetable hours: Varies depending on units and course taken

Assessment method: External and Internal assessment 

Qualification:  BTEC in Engineering – Extended Certificate or  Diploma.

Exam Board:

Extended Certificate:

 This qualification is designed to support progression to apprenticeship or employment when taken as part of a programme of study that includes other appropriate BTEC Nationals or A levels. The Extended Certificate has four units, of which three are mandatory. Units 1 and 3 are externally assessed. The fourth unit is an optional unit

What I  will study during this 2 year course

  1. Engineering Principles
  2. Delivery of Engineering Processes Safely as a team
  3. Engineering Product Design and Manufacture
  4. Optional Unit


This qualification is designed to be the substantive part of a 16–19 study programme for learners who want a strong core of engineering study. This programme may include other BTEC Nationals or A levels to support progression either directly to employment in the engineering sector or to higher education courses in engineering. Learners are able to focus on specialisms in electrical/electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, aeronautical engineering, computer engineering, or a general engineering pathway. The additional qualification(s) studied allow learners to either give breadth to their study programme by choosing a contrasting subject, or to give it more focus by choosing a complementary subject. This qualification can also be used to progress to employment in this sector.

What I will study during this 2 year course

You will study 5 compulsory Units and 5 Optional Units. Only the compulsory units are listed below.

  1. Engineering principles 
  2. Delivery of Engineering Processes Safety as a Team
  3. Engineering Product Design and Manufacture
  4. Applied Commercial and Quality Principles in Engineering
  5. A Specialist Engineering Project

Courses Available:  BTEC 

Career Pathways:  Employment in an engineering environment

Transferable Skills: Problem-solving, understanding the importance of design, managing a process and the importance of safety in the workplace. 

Other Information: 

Enquiries: Derwyn Kennedy 

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