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A-Level Maths

Course title: A-Level Maths

Department: Maths  

Course Overview: By studying Maths at A-Level, you’ll develop a number of skills, such as:

Maths allows you to hone your ability to solve mathematical problems as well as abstract and scientific ones too. These problem-solving skills can then be applied to many different areas of your life. You’ll also learn how to analyse patterns, structures and problems, which will in turn, help you to develop a critical eye. This will come in handy in both further study and future careers. Maths at A-Level will leave you with research skills that will allow you to find solutions to problems, investigate theories, and therefore give you the ability to find new information more effectively. Finally, your logical abilities will be developed so that you will have tools needed to tackle a number of diverse areas, from managing your finances to planning projects.

Duration of qualification: 2 years

Course Entry Requirements: Grade 6 at GCSE Maths (minimum)

Timetable hours:  6×50 min lessons per week
Assessment method:  3×2 hour papers at the end of the year

Qualification:  1 A level 
Exam Board: OCR  Specification:

Course Content:

Pure mathematics



Courses Available:  A Level

Career Pathways  Studying Maths, even if only to A-Level, has a number of advantages in the careers market, and gives you a number of job opportunities. You may even find that you’ll use your Maths skills in totally unrelated fields. Some exciting careers that could be open to you if you study A-Level Maths include: Construction/Architecture, Medicine or Scientific Research, Games Development.

Transferable Skills: investigative, problem solving, research, decision making, mathematical skills and analytical skills.


Head of Maths – Jenna Wilkinson

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