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A-Level Chemistry

Course title: A-Level Chemistry

Department: Science 


Ultimately, Science is about understanding the world around us. Students learn to think for themselves, gathering and using evidence to explain their observations. Students develop skills in thinking for themselves, making predictions, and explaining complex ideas in a logical and concise manner.

A level Chemistry courses cover a wide variety of basic concepts such as the structure of the atom; the interaction of matter and energy; how to control reactions; patterns in the Periodic Table; understanding carbon-based molecules.

A level Chemistry is a highly respected A level and it makes an excellent choice, offering you access to a wide range of university courses and careers. A-Level Chemistry, often in conjunction with other science-based subjects, can lead to the following types of degree course: Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Dentistry, Dietetics, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Geology, Medical Science, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy

Studying A-Level Chemistry is an interesting and challenging learning experience, linking key biological ideas, and understanding how they relate to each other. The development of transferable skills including investigative, problem solving, research, decision making, mathematical skills, and analytical skills.

Duration of qualification: 2 years

Course Entry Requirements: GCSE English and Maths, GCSE Chemistry Grade 6, Combined Science 6 – 6

Timetable hours: 5 hours per week

Assessment method:  AS Chemistry:  2 X 1.5hour Exams Plus non-exam Practical endorsement in Chemistry. A level Chemistry 2 X 2hr15mins Exams and 1 1hour 30mins, Plus non-exam Practical endorsement in Chemistry

Qualification:  1 A level 
Exam Board: OCR  Specification:


Year 1

Year 2

Courses Available: AS or A-Level

Career Pathways: University / Apprenticeships

Transferable Skills: investigative, problem solving, research, decision making, mathematical skills, and analytical skills.


Ayan Abdi

Director of Health and Science

Tel: 020 7738 6115


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