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South Bank UTC Joint Commitments

School commitments

To ensure students do not fall behind too much, you should expect your school provide challenge and support your child. Below is a brief list of School Commitments we expect all our staff to adhere to: 

Your school will continue to work hard to ensure your child is sufficiently challenged and supported through this tough time.

Student commitments 

To ensure students do not fall behind too much, we expect all students to engage and commit to the remote learning provided by the school. Below is a brief list of Student Commitments we expect the students to adhere to:  

We are fully aware this is a difficult and unfortunate position we are all in. Our priority as a school is to ensure all students have full access to quality and relevant learning resources online and they still are safe.

Parent commitments

To ensure we work together in partnership with parents for our children we need everyone to be committed to our remote learning expectations. Below is a brief list of Parent Commitments we them to follow: 

This is an incredibly challenging times for parents trying to work, create a loving family and support their child’s remote learning. We want you to ask us for any help or support, and we will do what we can to ensure your child’s learning and welfare is always our focus.

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