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Vision, ethos and values


Students will work with world-class sponsors in an innovative specialist curriculum and learning environment to develop outstanding knowledge and skills. Students experience new ways of learning focused on technical projects and experiences enriching their taught curriculum that allows all their learning to be contextualised in the real world. These experiences are led by the UTC’s university and industry partners and are strongly linked to skills demands in the economy: students are developing the skills and expertise in demand.

As a result, with high academic standards and strong technical and employability skills, graduates of the UTC will be highly sought after by companies for employment or apprenticeships and will be well prepared for higher education and lifelong learning. This is particularly important as the economy changes quickly over time, shaped by new opportunities and the technical and political landscape.


Our ethos is the promotion of every learner’s personal and future professional development. Every student who graduates from the UTC will be confident and well prepared to enter the world of work directly or via higher education or an apprenticeship. UTC students will stand out as being among the country’s best engineers with the knowledge and skills to enhance future industrial practice. This will help to address engineering skills gaps, particularly within the building and health sectors. We will help create the next generation of engineers and scientists who will work on exciting industry-led projects, developing innovative new products and processes that will influence the way we live in the future.

We are able to innovate with the use of technology for example, breaking down barriers to when, where and how learning takes place.

As a fully inclusive school, we welcome and support the diversity of talent which is keen to join us. We place considerable resource where required so that all students, regardless of background, make strong progress and achieve their desired pathways post-UTC.


South Bank UTC will be respected for its professionalism, diversity, aspiration and team working. South Bank UTC sets itself high standards of performance and achievement, punctuality and conduct that reflect expectations and standards in the best of workplaces. Our values incorporate ‘professionalism’ in all its many meanings, including embracing and celebrating diversity and supporting the development of British Values in all our students.

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