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Work experience and careers

Welcome to the UTC Careers page. As we are a UTC, careers and future employment is crucial in our work with our young people. We will be working with students to enhance their understanding of the current labour market as well as explore their options in Higher Education, Apprenticeships, and future careers.

At South Bank UTC we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, unbiased, personalised advice and guidance. We can support students’ pathways into university, apprenticeships, or employment. We have expertise in our staff and are very well networked.

As a UTC we pride ourselves on ensuring all our students receive quality advice which in the past has ensured no child leaves our school without being in further education, training, or employment. We have not recorded any NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) for the past three academic years.

Our careers advisor is Mikael Cohen. Please contact him for further information via or contact him at the UTC on 0207 738 6115. 56 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1QS.

Students enrolled here at the UTC should look out for regular MS Teams alerts via the new Careers Centre Hub. Students with South Bank UTC can access the ‘Team’ via this link. There we constantly update information and share new opportunities for all our students.

As a technical education provider, we are aware of the Baker Clause, and work to welcome a wide range of providers to discuss pathways with our students. Please contact us to make arrangements.

‘Mr Cohen helped me to secure a Level 4 apprenticeship with Skanska, there were over 200 applicants!’ IGA-2021

Over the course of the academic year, we will be working with all students in various activities and would like to ask parents to help support us in doing so. We want to ensure that each student gets a chance to develop an understanding of what it means to work and what they would like to work towards. Having the support of parents would also be of excellent value in creating a cohesive approach and collaborative attitude toward Higher Education and Careers.

All our students work within the Skills Builder essential skills framework, and we assess their skills at the start of the year. We create an individual action plan to develop the skills through the academic year. To learn more about Skills Builder please see this link

Our aim for 2022 is to ensure each year group experiences and gains knowledge in the following areas:

Year 10: Through our Personal Development sessions our students’ study ‘The world of work’ and ‘Preparation for working life’. Also, all Year 10s complete two weeks of work experience at the end of the academic year. Each Year 10 receives a 1-2-1 Careers session from out full time Careers Advisor

Year 11: Through our Personal Development sessions our students’ study ‘Higher education’ and ‘Jobs and Apprenticeships’. Each Year 11 receives a 1-2-1 Careers session from out full time Careers Advisor

Sixth Form: Bespoke individual support for each student in Year 12 and 13. Also, Sixth Form students take part in all enrichment activities, get involved in our Employer Led Project (ELP) and engage with our Work Experience fortnight every July.

Many employers will expect students to have a CV and a personal statement at hand. We advise students to have one prepared if they are intending on participating in any Careers or Apprenticeship fairs. For guidance on how to construct a CV and a cover letter, please click this link below:

If you are a student or a parent wanting to know more about higher education, courses and different universities then please follow this link:

If you are a student or a parent wanting to know more about Apprenticeships in England, then please follow this link:

Careers Advisor

Our Careers Advisor, Mr Cohen, is based on the second floor and is full time. Mr Cohen holds one to one meetings with students to discuss Higher Education, Apprenticeships and Careers with allotted time slots. However, the Careers Advisor is available to all students to guide and answer any questions or queries that they may have so all students are welcome to quickly visit and ask questions should they have any. Mr Cohen also regular opportunities via the recently revamp Careers Hub on MS Teams.

If any parent wishes to speak to a member of the Careers team about any concerns they may have or need any support, then please do not hesitate to contact the school or email:

We review our careers programme annually. Next review June 2022.

We commit to offering a full range of high-quality, evidence-informed advice and guidance on the full range of pathways for our students. This will include pathways within and beyond the LSBU Group. We are informed by current research, such as local EMSI data to understand local and regional labour market trends. We offer students access to a range of guidance including on technical and vocational education as well as providers with an atypical entry in line with the Baker Clause. See our policies for our Provider Access statement

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