All UTC students are given multiple opportunities to show leadership, a skill much in-demand and often sidelined in the education system.

Leadership opportunities are offered in terms of student voice activities but also through the wide range of project-based learning opportunities. It is expected that all students on leaving the UTC will be able to signpost a range of times when they have developed and demonstrated their effective leadership of others.

We have two distinct student voice groups contributing to the operation of the school.

Coaching Group Representative Forum

Every coaching group has a representative sitting on this forum, where issues of importance to all students are raised.  The school pastoral leaders sit on this team, along with Principal Mr Cundy, and frank and open discussions are held with the aim of this group of students being to influence positive and pro-active responses in relation to the big issues .

Our Coaching Group representatives can be viewed here.

Student Leadership Team

Our student leadership team is made up of senior students who take on an ambassadorial role within the school.  They are responsible for running large scale projects and reporting in to the Senior Leadership Team and Governors.  Our Head Boy and Head Girl speak at Open Evenings, supported by their deputies and prefects.

Our Student Leadership team can be viewed here.