Designed to be smaller than a traditional school, with no more than 150 students in a year group at any time, we are able to offer high quality, focussed support for students, both academically and personally. We have a great deal of diversity in our student body and derive strength from this; we also recognise that our diversity brings with it a range of needs, which we are fully prepared to support.

We offer more teaching than traditional schools, with mentoring from staff, partners and industry co-sponsors built into the curriculum.  We ensure all of our students are able to benefit from our Information, Advice and Guidance structure, which has been built around the needs of each cohort, for example: workshops to support students’ writing their UCAS personal statements; and one to one counselling from organisations such as the Terence Higgins Trust.

Our courses have been selected to provide an appropriate balance between academic rigour, student engagement, real world relevance and practical application. Our STEM specialism means we are developing the next generation of Engineers, Scientists and Mathematicians.

Many strands of support are on offer to students, in order to facilitate excellent progress and attainment, and these include regular intervention activities, enrichment, and further tailored support.  We focus this support on developing students around our core ethos, the ‘Heartbeat’ traits.

  • High expectations
  • Effort
  • Ambition
  • Respect
  • Tolerance
  • Being professional
  • Engagement
  • Attitude
  • Tenacity