We are a new engineering specialist school for 14-19 year olds, with entry into Years 10 and 12.

We know that the economy is changing incredibly quickly. The rise of automation and artificial intelligence have already altered the careers landscape in the UK: in retail, customer service and banking for example. Coming down the line are a raft of further changes to employment in the transportation, legal, medical and financial sectors to name a few. Add in uncertainty due to Brexit and we believe the risk is in doing what we have always done in education: promoting an old-fashioned academic curriculum with a pathway into university and trusting that our young people will secure high-value future-proof employment…..

Our perspective is unashamedly different. Many schools are being operated for the benefit of league table positions, with decisions around curriculum for example not always taken with students’ best interests in mind. Many schools’ focus almost exclusively on examination outcomes risks them missing opportunities to develop the wider capabilities and skills required in the modern economy.

Skills to succeed

As a UTC we are shaped from inception around giving our students the skills to thrive in a rapidly-changing economy with strong competition for the best-paid and highest value roles. We know where there are gaps in the economy with well-paid jobs and we have deep connections with the companies and university partners who can offer pathways into these roles. We give our young people the qualifications but also the skills and capabilities to succeed in highly-competitive selection processes.

We offer an innovative and powerful blend of high academic standards in a practical environment, so our students have the qualifications and skills to thrive in the future economy. Our students are highly employable, with pathways into high-value careers with partners including universities and major employers.

More than a traditional school

All our students study a challenging academic curriculum. Year 10 and 11 follow a broad range of GCSEs and other valued qualifications, while in the 6th form our students all follow A levels or Level 2/Level 3 technical qualifications. Our curriculum includes the development of digital and technical skills with a focus on developing employability: we do far more than traditional schools to prepare our students for the demands of the future economy. The UTC in many ways is closer to a workplace than a school.

Our students benefit from real innovation: we have a professional working day but do not commonly set homework. All students wear business dress and use technology to enhance their learning. Our brand new buildings include a major investment in industry-standard technology including advanced computing, virtual reality, robotics and 3D print along with outstanding design and engineering workshops.

Students benefit from project based learning

South Bank Engineering UTC is privileged to have unrivalled support from university and employer sponsors and partners. This enables our students to benefit from deep and authentic experiences of project-based learning. The projects give students further opportunities to develop their skills, enhance their progress and to give them the edge. Along with our major sponsors, our partners include Fujitsu, Cisco, The Army, Squire & Partners, Bamboo Bicycle Club and many more.

The small size and professional atmosphere at the UTC means that students are sure to benefit from close, positive relationships and high quality pastoral support.