South Bank Engineering UTC is proud to occupy a brand new state-of-the-art building, Phase 1 of which opened in September 2017.

The UTC offers a real-world work environment for students, preparing them for successful careers and career progression. Every aspect of the UTC reflects this, not least the way in which ICT supports cutting-edge approaches to working and learning.

Learning and communicating are no longer constrained by time or location. UTC students are able to plan and manage their learning, and interact with their teachers, mentors and coaches through the use of innovative approaches to learning, and the harnessing of technology.

Students experience cutting-edge computing and information technologies to facilitate the study of emerging digital technologies, particularly in medical engineering and building engineering. One distinctive feature at South Bank Engineering UTC is to allow students to learn to think, design and analyse in a digital environment.

Students use mobile technologies to access up to date information and to communicate within the learning communities and with teachers and industry mentors. Learning resources are designed to be accessed on multiple devices in any space through use of cloud-based technologies such as Microsoft One Note Class Notebook through Office 365 technology.

The UTC has invested heavily in world-class facilities for engineering and science along with other subjects. We have incredible engineering workshops, digital engineering facilities, brand new science labs, a learning resource centre and specialist facilities for students to learn independently or to receive additional support and challenge.

In preparing our students to transition into university and employment as seamlessly as possible, UTC students have access to cutting edge technology and software including:

  • 360 degree video
  • virtual reality
  • robotics
  • high-end computing
  • advanced display technology
  • 3D printing
  • computer controlled engineering
  • computer aided design
  • high-end physics, chemistry and biology labs

In Phase 2 we will additionally benefit from heavy engineering workshops, a multi-purpose lecture space and use of a sports hall and astroturf sports facilities. We will continue to innovate with the use of technology and will ensure that students have access to industry-standard software and tools in order to develop their employability to the maximum degree.