The UTC offers unparalleled support to students through its pastoral team. Made up of a Pastoral Manager in each Key Stage (KS4 Years 10/11 and KS5 Years 12/13) and a Pastoral Support Officer who works across both key stages, our pastoral team works hard to build strong, positive and impactful relationships with students and productive relationships with parents and carers.

Every student is assigned a Coach and this is a vital strand of the UTC’s pastoral care system. Students will attend a daily coaching session each morning from 8.30-8.50am. Coaches form a close, productive relationship with the students in their charge, also working closely with parents/carers.  The Coach is a parent/carer’s main link with the UTC as they have pastoral responsibility which includes attendance, punctuality and behaviour.

We aim to ensure that students are receiving high quality, personalised and responsive care to support their learning and personal development. This comprises elements of SMSC, personal development, careers, work-related learning, sex and relationships education and religious studies.

An important element of our pastoral care service is to monitor attendance and timekeeping.  To ensure our students are employable professionals of the future, this process is stringent and we have high expectations of our students but will always treat people fairly, equitably and with dignity and respect.  Our culture is always positive.