Although specialist in engineering generally, the UTC is guided by its main sponsors in terms of specialism within engineering. As such, two areas are promoted and supported extensively: building systems engineering and medical engineering.

Buildings are advancing in design and technology very rapidly. New buildings in London for example are often designed to be incredibly energy efficient, to promote the wellbeing of their occupants or to incorporate advanced technology. Building systems engineering is far more than construction, and includes a focus on the systems which make up modern buildings, be they mechanical, electrical, environmental or computing for example.

Medical engineering is a huge growth area. There is a huge increase in people keen to use technology to monitor their health and wellbeing, from Fitbits to sleep trackers to connected scales. Additionally, the NHS is constantly seeking ways to harness technology to make it more efficient and cost-effective, for example with the use of RF tagging to track the movements of equipment, or through the use of robotic surgery and 3D printed body parts. London is a hotbed on innovation in medical engineering, with the UTC sponsored by two NHS trusts at the centre of this innovation.