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56 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1QS

020 7738 6115

Life at the UTC

We offer an innovative blend of high academic standards in a practical environment, so our students have the qualifications and skills to succeed.

Our students are highly employable, with pathways into high-value careers within partner universities and major employers.

Enhanced curriculum

Our Year 10 and 11s follow a broad range of GCSEs and practical qualifications. Our 6th form students all follow A Levels or Level 3 technical qualifications. Our curriculum includes the development of digital and technical skills focused on employability. We do more than traditional schools to prepare our students for work and higher education.

More like a workplace than a school

Our students benefit from innovation: we have a longer working day. Our small size and professional atmosphere means students benefit from closer relationships and high-level support.

Project-based learning

Our students benefit from project-based learning. These projects give further opportunities to develop skills, enhance progress and give our students the edge. We work with our sponsors to provide opportunities other schools can’t.


Students are given opportunities to show leadership, an important skill for future employment and study. We offer student voice activities and a wide range of project-based learning opportunities. We expect all our students to leave the UTC with real experience of leadership.

Business Dress

Our dress code is based on industry standards. We expect students to dress for a formal environment. Please see our dress code on the policies page for further details.

Our Sponsors