The democratic process is important to the UTC, partly as a part of its programme to develop British values, but also in order to be able to listen to and develop the best ideas from a range of perspectives.

Each coaching group has a rep who is democratically elected by their peers, and represents them on the UTC Council. The Council meets regularly at points throughout the academic year with the Principal and Pastoral Managers. The Council is given the opportunity to shape decisions on how to make the UTC experience even more valuable for the entire community. For example, recent Council meetings have resulted in the UTC timings being refined and a new enrichment system being put in place.

Additionally, a system of Senior Students is in position. This small group of students applied and were put through a rigorous selection process and are deployed into high-visibility positions across the UTC. For example, when visitors or dignitaries are on site, Senior Students are involved in an ambassadorial capacity. Senior Students are also involved in community outreach, marketing and student supervisory roles.

Regular surveys both of students and parents are conducted and analysed in order to shape the thinking of UTC senior leaders. Extended Leadership Meetings (XLT) are held regularly with students, parents, staff and other stakeholders working together to engage in thinking around a series of issues pertinent to the UTC, including for example how to use a limited marketing budget to reach the widest possible audience through social media.